July 30, 2008

The stories we tell, San Francisco

Let's get back to where it began. A genuine civic pride and appreciation for culture. Thats essentially what we're doing here. The gauge is more than simply measuring the extent to which we can present our creativity and taste through fashion. Its about observing the fabric of culture through which each individual's personally accented style is woven. Like turning the pages of a catalog from page 5 to page 55, from Hayes Valley to Nob Hill. It functions like clockwork. Anticipating the varying degrees of formal, casual, high end and secondhand fashions that identify where we live and what we do. But sometimes its not as simple as black and white. His and hers. Cap-toes to wing-tips. You may choose to categorize the person in the photo by the box that they appear to fit in. But there's a reason its their photo that was taken. The avenues we walk are filled with exceptions. Wardrobes that have become too big for a category. This city is too diverse to ignore it, so we choose to magnify it. Everyone has a story. Some just wear theirs better.

July 29, 2008

Keepin' it 1930... Meet Kaya Fortune, San Francisco

To say Kaya Fortune carries his style in spades would be an understatment. His top shelf "time capsule" technique takes the traditional rules of asthetic and throws them out the window for an amalgamation of formal and casual chemistry and color combos that would make Warhol blush. He wears the blue square on blue suit so naturally well I forgot the rules he was breaking.

Meet Jessica Geesey, Powell Street Bart station

Medicine Agency...Meet Lisa Moon, San Francisco

July 27, 2008

Nice Fold...Antoine Richardson of GLORY CHEN, San Francisco

The other day I was having a discussion with a friend about the correct way to fold a pocket square. And the correct answer to that question is that there is no correct way to fold a pocket square. Whether you use silk or cotton I personally feel that the way someone folds their square tells so much about their character and personal style. A pocket square definitely falls under the 10 essentials of a man.

July 17, 2008

Streetpeeper meets Golden Gauge, San Francisco

So yesterday I decided to put my camera down and enjoy the cold summer here in San Francisco. As I was walking up Powell Street a young gentleman approached me and asked to take my photo for www.streetpeeper.com. This site captures fashion in all different cities, countries, and towns. Eugene Kim is the photographer for the streetpeeper here in San Francisco. Here are the photos he took of me. Thank you again Eugene Kim. For more info on the website go to www.streetpeeper.com

July 15, 2008

At Stellar Fashion Show...Meet Jessica Gurskis, San Francisco

Recently I had the privilege of attending the 944 launch party at the Bentley Reserve here in San Francisco. The magazine is monthly publication highlighting fashion, entertainment and culture in the bay area. Jessica is the City Director for 944. For more information about 944 magazine visit www.944.com

71 Train...Meet Bruce, San Francisco

Post Street, San Francisco

The Prince...Meet Abdul Dimaporo, San Francisco

Check Abdul out at TRUE SF.

July 10, 2008

The Summer Wind..Meet Carrie, San Francisco

A day with...Moya Stone, San Francisco

Today I met up with Moya Stone of SFBAYSTYLE.COM, and JD Elquist of Ralph Lauren San Francisco. Moya is a writer for the fashion blog on SFBAYSTYLE.COM We met up today to discuss JD's upcoming fall collection that should launch out March 09. I first met Moya at the launch party for the 944 magaizine release here in San Francisco. Moya's style is just brilliant vintage. Pay attention.