July 10, 2008

A day with...Moya Stone, San Francisco

Today I met up with Moya Stone of SFBAYSTYLE.COM, and JD Elquist of Ralph Lauren San Francisco. Moya is a writer for the fashion blog on SFBAYSTYLE.COM We met up today to discuss JD's upcoming fall collection that should launch out March 09. I first met Moya at the launch party for the 944 magaizine release here in San Francisco. Moya's style is just brilliant vintage. Pay attention.


the_kitten said...

Gawd, Moya's style is exceptional!!! I would love to see more people of her kind. Very inspiring!

Ezra Miranda and Jackson Boren said...

Good times!

boody said...

RAWR! I love all the colors and textures!

J.HAR said...

Moya's style is superb, but Mr. Elquist is dressed how I prefer to dress everyday.

What a breath of fresh style.

J. Harlem