July 10, 2008

A day with...Moya Stone, San Francisco

Today I met up with Moya Stone of SFBAYSTYLE.COM, and JD Elquist of Ralph Lauren San Francisco. Moya is a writer for the fashion blog on SFBAYSTYLE.COM We met up today to discuss JD's upcoming fall collection that should launch out March 09. I first met Moya at the launch party for the 944 magaizine release here in San Francisco. Moya's style is just brilliant vintage. Pay attention.


Anonymous said...

Gawd, Moya's style is exceptional!!! I would love to see more people of her kind. Very inspiring!

Ezra Miranda and Jackson Boren said...

Good times!

boody said...

RAWR! I love all the colors and textures!

J.HAR said...

Moya's style is superb, but Mr. Elquist is dressed how I prefer to dress everyday.

What a breath of fresh style.

J. Harlem