July 30, 2008

The stories we tell, San Francisco

Let's get back to where it began. A genuine civic pride and appreciation for culture. Thats essentially what we're doing here. The gauge is more than simply measuring the extent to which we can present our creativity and taste through fashion. Its about observing the fabric of culture through which each individual's personally accented style is woven. Like turning the pages of a catalog from page 5 to page 55, from Hayes Valley to Nob Hill. It functions like clockwork. Anticipating the varying degrees of formal, casual, high end and secondhand fashions that identify where we live and what we do. But sometimes its not as simple as black and white. His and hers. Cap-toes to wing-tips. You may choose to categorize the person in the photo by the box that they appear to fit in. But there's a reason its their photo that was taken. The avenues we walk are filled with exceptions. Wardrobes that have become too big for a category. This city is too diverse to ignore it, so we choose to magnify it. Everyone has a story. Some just wear theirs better.

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