September 12, 2008

The Individual...Kelvin Malone of Modern Appealing Clothing

Today I stopped by Barneys San Francisco to check out the new fall collection for Thom Browne. I love how he uses a 1,2,3 system rather than the Short,Reg,Long. The cut of his coat is extremely short, but he still manages to make it a 3 button suit. Usually I shoot in the streets but today I ran into a gentleman by the name of Kelvin Malone. I have to say that his style is like no other.It is very forward but still has hits of tradition. I asked him what was the maximum number of ties that he has ever put on. He replied "6". Check him out at Modern Appealing Clothing here in San Francisco.

1 comment:

-h of candid cool said...

o wow, at 1st i didnt notice those were multiple ties until i read the text. and i like that a lot, how he can do something innovative with such nonchalance. It's not shouting "Look at Me!" on him it's natural and effortless.