September 17, 2008

Grapevine, San Francisco

Starting from scratch is never easy. But somewhere in between getting a few rolls developed in a Market Street Walgreens and turning another chance encounter on Maiden Lane into an impromptu shoot someone started paying attention. In a recent entry SF Bay Style ( put us on and, from one Bay Area cultural showcase to another, it's good to know that our support for the city as a prominent international fashion hub is shared by many. Needless to say, we were honored. On another note of exposure we were also recently featured on the Brooklyn Circus ( lifestyle blog. This bi-coastal site and store are all about progressive fashion on all sides of the wardrobe so you can imagine how we felt right at home with the feature. We want to give a shot out to the crew at the Circus for putting our passion under the microscope for a minute. Appreciated. In a slightly older but nonetheless honorable mention Ezra was featured last month on the Love Crusader ( for the now infamous Street Peeper shot (Yep, the red pants). The Love Crusader is a blog geared towards the appreciation of "art, music, culture, and most of all LOVE." Thanks to Milah B. for the drop. In the midst of our grassroots effort, the Gauge has taken on a life of its own. Whether attributed to word of mouth or the perpetual "spider web" nature of the net, we couldn't be happier to announce that we're just starting to scratch the surface.


de Vereaux said...

Need I say goldengauge, you are thesartorialist of the west coast :) I have enjoyed your blogspot, courtesy of bkcircus. Keep up the good work. I have visited SF once in my life and truly enjoyed the trip. I look forward in seeing how your citizens dress for the fall/winter. Although you have spring/summer/fall/winter in the same day.

-h of candid cool said...

very well deserved. congratulations!